Bitcoin Casino Canada

Bitcoin Casino Canada

Welcome to what is your online Bitcoin Casino Canada guide, introducing you to the world of online crypto that can help you to gamble online inside some of Canada’s best casinos.

If you don’t know anything about bitcoin or know some bits, then this guide will help make clear about the whole thing. From what it is to what it does, you will get to clearly understand how the world of crypto and casino combine for solid entertainment, security, and riches.

Bitcoin payment is entirely optional, it offers the best security online and the fastest transactions. The casinos we’re going to be introducing also accept standard fiat currency, so if you still prefer to use the Canadian Dollar after reading this, then note, the listed casinos, which we regard amongst the best online, can still serve you with CAD games and payouts.

Note: a full comprehensive review of bitcoin is available here at

Using Bitcoin Casinos Online

When it comes to the subject of Bitcoin (BTC), it can immediately lose a lot of interest, so well done for getting this far. Bitcoin is a divisive subject, many don’t know how the whole blockchain structure works, they may not know what the blockchain is.

Bitcoin has a lot of depth to its explanation but when it comes to the casino side of things, there really is no great change.

The only rule of this bitcoin casino subject to take note of, is that all this is, is a change in how you pay. It is no different from who people in the 90s went from using their standard credit cards or debit cards to pay for goods online, to then integrating over to PayPal. Now PayPal is so commonplace, and it’s not given a thought. 20 to 30 years from now, bitcoin will be the same when it comes to modern and standardized currency.

What you play, how you play, nothing has changed, with exception of the benefits of using bitcoin in that it provides the fastest and securities transactions of any payment service.

What is a Bitcoin?

Okay, so the main question is certainly, what is a bitcoin? Well, there is no real complexity to what it is. It is a decentralized currency, meaning no bank or government owns or controls it.

So, who controls it? Well, all bitcoin users do through what is the blockchain system.

Well, what is the blockchain? The blockchain is a digital ledger that records all information regarding all bitcoin transactions, which is also shared across a network of matching blockchain systems. The blockchain itself is the most secure database online and to date, has not been hacked. This is because of the spread of data across the many systems rather than one central server.

The bitcoin itself is a singular code with value. Like a banknote each note has a serial number, this serial number generates new numbers when parts of the coin are spent. No serial number is ever the same and none can be repeated.

The bitcoin itself is like a file and as such needs to be stored in a crypto wallet. This digital wallet is what syncs your money to your bitcoin casino. Transactions with the bitcoin are fast, basically, immediate, which is what makes cryptocurrencies appealing. It takes away the middleman of the bank, payments are anonymous, and it has great security.

If bitcoin came before paper notes, the public would freak out in thinking that the paper money could get lost, banks can also be robbed, banks can be hacked, your money is owned by the reserve. Ultimately, there would be an uproar because bitcoin doesn’t come with these unnecessary concerns.

Best Bitcoin Casinos in Canada

So, how are the best operators online that are able to support Canadian players online with this cryptocurrency?

Here are the current top 5 bitcoin casinos you can join right now:

  • Playamo
  • Mansion
  • Woo Casino
  • NetBet
  • SlotsHall

What Do the Top Canadian Bitcoin Casinos Offer?

Well, to start with, these casinos offer both crypto and fiat payment services. You can swing between both if you choose. There are some casinos out there that also accept the bitcoin as a method of deposit but do not support the withdrawal side of things. These casinos work on a conversion basis. If you would like to pay this way, you deposit in bitcoin and play in CAD. Should you win, you are only able to withdraw in CAD currency.

The best bitcoin sites are those that are actually built to facilitate the coin in every sense. From a payment perspective, you get it all, immediate deposits and immediate withdrawals of the currency.

Gaming-wise, you have system improved slots that are built with Provably Fair technology that records and codes pre-spins and post-spin to make sure no bugs, faults, or manipulated algorithms are affecting the performance.

These are the differences, very minor, certainly nothing to be fearful of when considering switching to bitcoin to look after your payments.

You will still have access to casino bonuses that are special for the bitcoin user. You can still access live dealer table games, sports betting and poker tournaments. And yes, you can still play via your mobile phone whilst opting to use bitcoin. Remember, it is only the service of payment that is the change in all this.

How to Get Bitcoins

Now, getting bitcoins is the most boring part of the process, no offense to the blockchain developers out there. So, take note that it won’t get any more laborious than getting your crypto in the first instance.

First, you need to sign up to a crypto trader, a website that sells and deals in the crypto exchange. There are numerous sites out there for Canadians to use like,,, and many others.

Pick a platform that can handle your payments the easiest. For many, it will be a credit and debit card process. With the exchange site, you need to make an account, this can take up to 3 days to verify and approve your submitted details which also requires a photo ID and proof of address.

Once you have an account, you can deposit your fiat currency into your balance and from that play the markets and buy crypto.

Currently, a single bitcoin is roughly $30,000. You can buy one or more, but you can also buy part of a bitcoin, if you want only $100 worth of bitcoin, you can spend that much. As long as the markets go up, your investment into the coin will be in profit.

Once you have purchased your bitcoin or part bitcoin which is an mBTC, you then need to download a crypto wallet.

This wallet will sort your bitcoin and all other cryptos you invest in. There are hard wallets that are USB ledgers that sort your bitcoin data offline, adding to the security. Online wallets are referred to as cold wallets; some additional research into which wallet to go for is down to you at this point.

How to Deposit Using Bitcoins

Let us now review the process of depositing with the bitcoin. Now, all deposit methods are free and with bitcoin, it too is immediate like other banking methods available.

Setting up the process so you can deposit to begin gambling is very easy.

From your account page, visit the banking section and review the banking methods available. There you will locate bitcoin. Select bitcoin as your preferred banking option.

Assign your crypto wallet to your account and enter the wallet address, which can be copied and pasted. With your wallet synced to the account, select the amount you wish to deposit.

Confirm your deposit by entering your account password as confirmation.

The free transaction will happen instantly, and you are now able to claim any bonus offers or promotions or head play straight to your favorite game and place some bets.

How to Withdraw Using Bitcoins

Withdrawing is as simple as it is depositing. The time frame of a withdrawal is no more than a few hours at most. Sometimes it can be instant when receiving a payout.

To withdraw, review the banking preference is still set to your bitcoin wallet address. Select this option and enter the amount you wish to payout. Once selected, confirm the withdrawal using your password.

Withdrawals are free and safe and that is all there is to getting that winning payout back into your wallet.

In Summary…

What you have read are the fundamental basics of bitcoin and how it works for the benefit of online casino users.

We’ve provided a top 5 casino list and with each of these, you have an exclusive bonus offer called a welcome bonus. You can gain more BTC for your bankroll and play games for free. There are many more bonus offers within Bitcoin casinos including free spins for BTC slot machines.

Players of bitcoin can still access games in live formats that provide them wagering opportunities on blackjack, roulette, and poker. Canadian players can also bet on live sports like ice hockey, baseball, and basketball.

Using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin provide the same levels of entertainment, just with more safe banking measures and transactions that take no time at all.