Bitcoin Casino Ireland

Bitcoin Casino Ireland

This is your Irish guide to online cryptocurrency, but more specifically, Bitcoin or BTC for short. This is your easy introduction to the world of digital finance and how the new currency is being used and accepted by the best casinos online that are open to the Irish market.

Bitcoin is a word that divides, many see the benefits and those are real. Others see the crypto world as a novelty that’s about to burst and take no interest in it.

Now, this is by no means a guide to encourage you to all invest, as with anything, and like gambling online, only invest if you can afford to accept losses should they happen.

The goal of this guide is nothing more than to inform you, the player, about the changes that are happening online, and this is one of the many payment solutions that are adopted by the casino operators online.

This is a brief presentation, if you want all the comprehensive detail, then we strongly recommend you read this that explains it all.

Using Online Bitcoin Casinos

So, it is worth making clear now that bitcoin casinos aren’t just for players wishing to pay with crypto. It’s a method of payment that is optional. So, if you wish to join any of the top 5 BTC casinos online in Ireland, then note you can also play using the Euro currency.

Now, bitcoin comes with a lot of stories surrounding it, but do not get lost in all this noise. At the end of the day, bitcoin is just an alternative method of payment, it will not change what can be played online and it won’t change how things are won and the value of them.

Your experience within a casino online will not change whether you use BTC, or Euros, e-wallets or vouchers, it makes no difference. So, do not be thinking that by joining a bitcoin casino online, that everything suddenly changes and becomes more uncomfortably different and difficult. This will absolutely not happen.

If anything, bitcoin offers its users the most secure form of online payment ever created. Transferals are also immediate in both depositing and withdrawing. Everything with bitcoin is always appositive and if bitcoin were to have been invested before the banknote, there would be questions raised as to why we’d want to put money on paper that can be lost or stolen and why give full and complete control of it to the banks and governments.

What is a Bitcoin?

So, bitcoin is a fully decentralized currency that has no overbearing ruler of it. No banking control, no governmental control, it’s a currency for the people, controlled by the people. It makes sense why banks are so reluctant to admit the system is good.

So how does this all work? Well, bitcoins are a digital currency, each bitcoin contains a unique code that cannot be duplicated or stolen. Should the bitcoin be partially spent, then the BTC becomes mBTC’s, fractions of a bitcoin, these to are coded.

The whole security of them works around the blockchain. The blockchain is like a digitalized ledger and is not held on one server which would pose a security risk. Instead, the blockchain works across many networks that set their data in blocks. This makes the security practically unbreachable.

Now, this development of payment is really no different from the changes that happened when PayPal was introduced to the internet. People in the 90s went from debit and credit card payments made directly to vendors, now, PayPal, a third-party e-wallet service is the #1 online payment choice.

When it comes to the transactions involved because there is no middle-man company i.e., banks, it takes away the admin and completes payments in an instant.

Now, once you own any form of crypto, the money is stored inside of a crypto wallet. This wallet has a unique address that can be 26 to 35 numbers long. This wallet and address is what syncs to your bitcoin casino and how transfers will take place.

Best Bitcoin Casinos in Ireland

Thankfully you have a choice and can experience gaming online in one or more casinos. Which is the best platform to join? Well, this is subjective, but take a look at the list listed here and see if they are able to meet your needs and wants of an operator.

For players based in Ireland, here are the top 5 casinos you are able to access and use bitcoin as your main method of payment:

  • Playamo
  • Mansion
  • BitStarz
  • NetBet
  • 888 Sports

What Do the Top Irish Bitcoin Casinos Offer?

Well, at this stage, it is worth pointing out that there are two different types of ‘bitcoin casino’. The first are the casinos that had been around forever and later just adopted the bitcoin as a method of depositing money only!

So, these non-authentic bitcoin sites work on conversion to USD when you deposit your bitcoins to play. The downside to this is that players will need to register two forms of payment to their account. Also, the value of the Bitcoin to USD is something that can drastically change.

Your bitcoins you’ve deposited can increase in value and potentially drop, this fluctuation can see winners still be out of profit than when they started.

Then you have the bitcoin casinos built for the purpose of offering a complete bitcoin service. These are more of your authentic bitcoin casinos, able to offer deposits, withdrawals, and BTC games.

You can still join these authentic sites with the intention of playing with Euro money should you choose.

As a gaming platform itself, players opting to join any of the top 5 sites will have the same access to various casino games as players have always had.

From sports betting to live poker tournaments, your gaming choice remains open and your access to bonuses doesn’t change either. If you use an authentic bitcoin casino, you will get bitcoin bonuses and regular currency bonuses. Those only offering BTC deposits will only offer regular bonuses that offer USD currency and/or free spins.

How to Get Bitcoins

Okay, the process of getting the bitcoins is the boring part of this. What you need to do is join an online exchange service like Coinbase, Binance, or, and make an account with them.

Making an account and getting approval can take up to 3 days because there are huge demands. When registering, every exchange requires a photo ID and proof of residency.

Once your account has been approved, you can not begin to play the markets, or just buy crypto.

Now, bitcoin is not the only crypto that is accepted online. Crypto-friendly casinos will also allow users to deposit and pay with other coins that include Ethereum, LiteCoin, Cardano, Ripple, and the now popular Dogecoin.

To buy any coin, you will first need to deposit your fiat currency into your account to buy crypto with. Now, some exchange sites allow you to buy directly with a debit or credit card. Pick your preference for what best suits you.

When it comes to bitcoin, the price is currently $30,000 and will rise when to markets are bullish or can dip when bitcoins are sold on by whales (people owning huge amounts of bitcoin and ‘dump’ them.)

Now, you can buy as much bitcoin or part of a bitcoin as you want. And once purchased, you will need to store your money in a cold online wallet.

Just to note, you can get hard wallets which are a USB ledger that saves your money offline. For more information on wallets, you really need to research online given the different number of choices available.

How to Deposit Bitcoins

Let’s now look at getting money from your new bitcoin wallet into your new online casino.

The payment method may be different, but the process is much like any other form of payment.

Go to your account and select the bank service. From there, you will select bitcoin as your default method of payment.

Enter your wallet address number which can be copied and passed for convenience. Once your bitcoin wallet is assigned to your account, you can then enter an amount to transfer.

Enter your password to confirm the payment and in an instant, that money is in your casino account ready to play with.

The transaction process is 100% free, UNLESS, you are joining one of those sites that convert the bitcoin into USD and then you see the conversion charge.

How to Withdraw Bitcoins

Getting your winnings out is not different than when you put the money in first to play.

Again, from your banking page, make sure that bitcoin is still set as your preferred method of payment.

Select the amount you wish to withdraw, making sure it is with the withdrawal limits of the casino’s terms and conditions. It should be marked anyway on the page.

Once you enter the payout amount, click confirm and enter your password to complete the transaction.

Again, this is a free payment service, and the transfer time should be instant but, in some instances, it could take a few hours.

Also note, that if you have converted BTC into USD and win USD to withdraw, you will need to select an alternative withdrawal method, so the withdrawal times for credit or debit cards is up to 5 days, and other e-wallets like Skrill, PayPal, or Neteller can take up to 3 days.

In Summary…

These are the fundamentals of bitcoin and how it works as a payment method with the top casinos found here in Ireland.

The top 5 Irish websites will let you play with your original fiat currency, and you can really opt to pay how you like. Bitcoin is one of many options, but it is the most safest and fastest online and that is a fact that banks wouldn’t be able to deny.

With bitcoin, you are able to play with BTC developed slot machines. These come with Provably Fair systems that track and record gaming functions to prove to users they are not corrupted, bugged, or using fixed algorithms.

Users of the BTC payment system can still play other games: blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, baccarat and sic bo. Irish players will still have live sports with horse racing, football, rugby, golf, greyhound racing and lots more.

It’s your money to do with as you wish, and the opportunities are there to be won. Spend your time wisely also and please gamble responsibly.