Bitcoin Casinos in India

Bitcoin Casinos in India


It may be hard to imagine, but the money you hold in your pockets these days isn’t something that will be around forever. Yes, even money has to evolve, and it is happening. What is money these days? Well, it is nothing more than digital on your computer screen or ATM display. Cash had always been a promise to pay form of tenderisation. Break it down further and it literally is nothing but paper. The evolution of this paper is naturally digital and binary coding is home to future banking on a worldwide scale.

Crypto has been in transition since 2009. It started with bitcoin and the market is now unrecognizable. But this is not a guide about that, this is all about Bitcoin casinos. Why, because it’s available and it could be, one day, an inevitable change.

In this guide, we discuss all things tied to the Bitcoin online casinos that are found within the Indian market. We will inform you of the Bitcoin casino games, bonuses, how the performance of banking with the Bitcoin casinos in India works and much more.

You do not have to be a crypto master to have to understand any of this, bitcoin and crypto is no mystery. This is only an alternative form of payment which exists and is accessible to all. Crypto is not owned or controlled by banks or governments. It is 100% decentralized. The opportunity is now open for you to join any of the top bitcoin casino India operators and this guide just provides the basics to help you understand what’s going on.

Bitcoin gambling sites

We begin our guide by discussing how gambling is available when registered to a BTC casino. If you didn’t know already, BTC is just the market abbreviation for the bitcoin currency. When it comes to the gaming and services of these Bitcoin casinos, they really are no different from any other form of gambling service.

When it comes to the core gaming, the Bitcoin casino games still cover the classics and the essentials. You will find all the same slot machine titles inside Bitcoin casinos as in ‘regular’ sites. And you still get to experience games like roulette, teen patti, blackjack, and andar bahar.

Bitcoin online casinos are only distinguishable to other casinos because they are built to fully service the cryptocurrency. You will also find that it is not just bitcoin. Yes, there is more than one crypto out there and they include Ethereum, LiteCoin, Ripple, and as you may have heard before, the Dogecoin which has been championed by Elon Musk.

The opportunities presented within the bitcoin casino India market are limited. These platforms have only been active for the past 5 years. You have to remember, the move to make a crypto casino is a brave one. No one knows if this form and method of payment will last, so making financial businesses that back the bitcoin wallet is a brave move.

Investing through sites like or will give you access to crypto that can either gain in value or drop. It’s an investment that comes with caution and it will require you to make personal research far beyond what is mentioned in this guide.

The process of getting crypto is fairly simple. You have to make an account with an exchange site. They will provide you the different cryptos on the market. You can exchange your fiat currency, fiat being the rupees you traditionally bank with, for bitcoins. You can buy whole bitcoins aka BTC or fractions of a bitcoin aka mbtc.

Again, this may seem odd given there is no physical cash involved, but this is really no different than buying foreign currency for a holiday. In this case, there are no cheques to hold or hard cash to handle. Everything is digital, and your bitcoins are stored in e-wallets that come with special numerical addresses that are the equivalent of a bank account number. Again, it is very simple to see the similarities, so do not freak out.

Best Bitcoin casinos

With only a 5 year history backing it, crypto casinos are still very much in their infancy, so when looking at what’s available to players based in India wanting to experience Bitcoin casino games, there actually isn’t much option.

However, you have to be made aware of something. There are actually two types of BTC casino out there and you don’t want to get caught out, not that it’s anything wrong, just that there are 100% Bitcoin casinos and there are those that call themselves Bitcoin online casinos, yet really don’t do anything much for the bitcoin holder.

So, you have the 100% Bitcoin casinos. These sites will take the currency as a deposit, provide you with authentic bitcoin games made specifically for the currency, and any winnings won, you get them returned in bitcoins.

And then you have the ‘other’ Bitcoin casinos in India that say they are, but they really aren’t.

So, there are bitcoin casino India operators which are you basic, standard, long been around casinos that have been accepting rupee payments for many years, they just now happen to approve of BTC payments. However, that’s as far as it goes. You can deposit with BTC but… this gets converted into rupee currency. You will play regular casino games and the winnings get returned as rupees. There is nothing crypto or bitcoin about it.

Their intentions are somewhat there but if you want to play with bitcoin and win bitcoin, then there are only three sites currently open on the market and here they are:

So, these are your ‘authentic’ bitcoin casinos that can fully interact with your bitcoin wallet, provide Bitcoin casino games and full focus their services and features around the crypto. These are known also as blockchain sites.

Casinos accepting bitcoin

With bitcoin casino India operators, you are given the real opportunity to win bitcoins back. So what options are there within the Bitcoin casinos in terms of gaming and entertainment? Well, as standard, all BTC casino platforms are packed with hundreds of slots. Slot gaming with BTC offers up the same titles as every other casino out there. There is one difference, however, and that comes down to a tool called the provably fair system which is a code analysis tool that checks the legitimacy of the games spin before and after. In short, you will know you’re not being cheated.

There is also one minor addition, though it’s fairly obvious, there will be some BTC slots that are NOT available to traditional currency players. Yes, you get to experience some uniquely made games that others will not.

The gaming option continues with classic card games, such as blackjack, baccarat, poker, teen patti, and andar bahar. You also have table features like craps, sic bo, and roulette to pick from. These are games that you can play either in their digital style, like slots, or as live gaming features that allow you to play against live casino dealers.

The best bitcoin casino platforms will also have additional features like live poker tournaments, bingo, and even sports betting that can be experienced.

There are so many different ways you can win real BTC and get it added to your bitcoin wallet for a withdrawal. Plus, you also get to enjoy exclusive bitcoin casino bonus rewards for your loyalty to the site.

Bitcoin bonuses

So, do these blockchain sites reward you with incredible bitcoin casino free spins and other bitcoin casino bonus offers? Well, yes, yes they do. From spins to btc credit, you can enjoy many promotions from these Bitcoin casinos found online in the India market.

Every BTC casino comes with their own promotions section and in them, you will find the best bitcoin casino bonus offers that will help you to win more money if you’re lucky.

From the three available Bitcoin casinos in India, you can opt to claim an exclusive welcome bonus that provides more money to your bankroll.

Now, bonuses are always subject to change, you can go from having a bitcoin casino no deposit bonus one week to a selection of deposit free spins the next.

The most two important factors are this; one, you have the opportunity, and two, you need to be reading the bonus terms and conditions before using them.

Every bitcoin casino India operator is different, and they will each have their unique offers and promotions. With these, there will be a different set of rules. The terms are important to read. Nothing is ever free with normal or bitcoin casino sites, they are a business there to make money and provide entertainment, that is all. So, read the terms and be aware of the Wagering Requirement conditions, they are an eye-opener.

BTC Casinos in India

Well, here’s a question, are bitcoin casino sites even legal in India? Well, the answer is yes and that’s because none of these casinos are based in India. These are all foreign sites that are registered and licensed in Europe.

When it comes to Bitcoin casinos in India you are fully within your rights to play in them, so let us explain the laws, so you understand.

So, gambling is illegal unless state approved and licensed, but because these are not within Indian borders, they do not need to meet Indian laws or gain state approval. This is because there are no Indian laws that actually prevent Indian players from accessing Bitcoin casinos. You can sign up, deposit your bitcoin, claim your bitcoin casino bonus, play btc games, win real btc money, withdraw, and nothing will happen to you.

All Bitcoin online casinos are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, the largest regulatory body in Europe, so you have their backing when it comes to legitimacy in service and security.

Now, you might be thinking that bitcoin is banned in India and that is right. But that doesn’t mean you can use it because again, these are services outside of India. The banning from the government was to not have bitcoin work alongside the rupee. Crypto can still be bought and used online, you just can use it in India as a main source of funding to buy regular goods and services.

Bitcoin is not controlled by the RBI or the government, it is fully decentralised and there is no power to say that you can use or purchase them.

You can fully check the legalities of joining a BTC casino from other independent sites if you do not believe us, but if you have bitcoin already, your bitcoin wallet can be synced to a BTC casino and nothing will happen to you.

How to Deposit Bitcoin

How do you deposit money into these bitcoin casino sites? Well, depositing is really easy with any bitcoin casino India operator.

Here are the steps to depositing funds with Bitcoin casinos that are available here in India:

  1. The first step is to join one of the listed blockchain sites mentioned in this guide.
  2. Next, you need to register at an exchange to buy bitcoin and get yourself a btc wallet that can be paired to one of the Bitcoin casinos in India.
  3. With you bitcoin wallet funded, log into your casino and under the banking, choose bitcoin as your preference.
  4. Transfer money between your bitcoin wallet and casino using your address number and confirming the amount of the payment.

The deposit time is instant, literally within the blink of an eye. Any withdrawals using the same process return money into your btc wallet within an hour or less. That’s all there is to it. very easy and very secure.